Recruiting and Attracting Technical Talents

Summary of the thread over in Lean Startup Circles discussing how to compensate technical talents, which then turn into its prerequisite on attracting the talent in the first place:

  • It is currently a supplier’s market – there are more demands for technical talents than there are supplies
  • Startup’s compete with each other, as well as with large enterprises, for technical talents
  • Experienced developers/contractors have seen/been to the gold rush – most people come home empty handed – and hence prefer cash
  • Even if they sign up for equity, when they need to put food on the table, the equity-only project will go to the back burner
  • Outside of having previous successful startup exits, the best way for the biz person to prove his/her business ability is to raise money – this also solves the cash problem
  • The best way to know developers is to find where they congregate, join them, learn the technology, and participate in small projects
  • This can be applied @ open source level – find projects that have first version out, but not yet popular, and volunteer your business skills to help the project out, and make friends with the developers, since they are “proven” having shipped the product

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