Truth About Technology & Security

Unfortunately – technology is not perfect today. Yeah I know, what an understatement.

But technology is generally better than what we have given it credit for. Our wants and needs just constantly exceed what’s available.  We continue to want more. As technology improves, we see additional possibilities, and we clamor for more. Every improvement begets another feature request.

All these capabilities simply generate complexities. And complexity is extremely difficult to conceal without it leaking somehow.

But we believe computers ought to be simple, because we think we are using it for simple things. Except even the simple thing with computer is a complex beast underneath.

The truth is – computer and software are vastly more complex than your car (might be hard to imagine, but it’s true). You have to learn how to drive a car; when was the last time you have to take a class on how to use a computer?

Again, computer is not perfect, but we don’t often appreciate how much effort has been put into making computers simpler than it would have been.

It still can be improved of course, but if we need to use technology today, we’ll need to deal with the limitations today. That means putting effort into learning the technology NOW will pay dividends.

Especially when it comes to dealing with security.

Why Can’t Computer Be Secured?

Actually, computer can be secured. You just might not find it very useful for your needs.

For example – you can be 100% guaranteed to be free of internet-based attack, if you do not connect your computer to internet.

But you might find that you want to use internet for various purposes. And you might decide that internet access is worth the risk.

It’s the same as driving. Driving is an inherently dangerous activity. The only way to be completely safe is not to drive.

But you might find your need to drive, your skills of driving, the condition of your car, and the condition of traffic, reduces the risk enough that you’ll decide the benefit of driving outweighs the risk.

This is not what most people envision when they drive

Keep in mind that skills matter. If you haven’t learned how to drive at all – even driving in parking lot can be dangerous. But if you have a ton of driving skills, you might qualify for Nascar.

If you aspire for this… train hard to increase your skill!

It’s the same with using computers. The more skills you have, the more risk you’ll be able to handle.

But before you try to qualify for Nascar, you’ll first need to learn defensive driving skills taught in Driver’s Ed class.

And you’ll need to do the same with using technologies.

Weakest Link

Until you have learned the basic concepts of computer security, you’ll be a novice driver, danger to yourself and others no matter the quality of the wheel.

The concept of weakest link is a big deal in computer security. No matter how good and secure the technology is, if the person using the system has no understanding about security, then the system is not secure.

The easiest way for hackers to hack into a system is actually done attacking the users (called social engineering), rather than attacking the system, because people are much more easily tricked.

People often give out credit card numbers, social security numbers, and even passwords over phones to complete strangers.  People write down their passwords and use single passwords for all their sites, so when their password is compromised for one, it’s compromised for all.

What you want to ensure is not to be that person 😉

Let’s learn the basic defensive security skills so we are no longer the weakest link!





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