Passwords You Should Never Use

Is your password one of the following?

  • password
  • 123456
  • 12345678
  • abc128
  • qwerty
  • monkey

Common password is one of the biggest problem of the whole password-based security system. Even when the actual key space for the password system is large, if you choose a common password, then it’s extremely trivial for the hackers to find out.

If your password is a common password, or a word exist in dictionary, your password is not secure. This is because it’s extremely easy for hackers to simply run through the list of the words to see which one that matches. Computers can do this pretty much without blinking.

If you are wondering what constitutes common passwords, you can find some samples here. As an example, below is the list of passwords used by John the Ripper, a popular password cracking tool

Make sure your password isn’t the weakest link of the whole system by not using one from these lists!



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