Knowledge is Power!

Security is an opaque concept for most of us.

It seems to be something practiced by an exclusive security priesthood. Something dark and powerful, something that we need to be in awe of.

Hollywood certainly perpetrate the stereotype with all the hacker movies; the knowledge needed to counter the hackers are beyond us mere mortals – our computers are beyond our ability to use and secure – so we’ve been told.

Obviously – some people stand to benefit from perpetuating the myth. But for most of us, living in fear isn’t really a great way to live.

So the goal of this blog is to provide knowledge about security for you, if you choose to no longer live in fear.

For in knowledge lies the power to dispel the myth and the fear surrounding security.

Back in the ancient times, people used to believe that eclipse occurs because a celestial dragon decides to devour the sun for a midday snack.  People feared that the dragon would forever swallow the sun; prayers and sacrifices were made to convince the dragon to give the sun back.

These days, we know how eclipse occur, and we no longer fear that sun will go forever dark on us.

It’s the same about security – the more we understand what is possible and what isn’t possible, the more we’ll feel confident about our control over our environment, and the less we’ll fear.

Obviously – what this means is that you’ll need to learn about some of the details. But this is not a blog about security for security professionals; this is for everyone, so the level of details in this blog will be limited. This is not going to be a technical blog.

Hopefully I’ll succeed in doing so. Definitely let me know so I can adjust the details of the content!


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