How to Create a Great Password – I

The best password is basically completely random, and it is very, very long. This way it won’t show up in any dictionary.


However, there are a few practical limits

  • Most sites limit the maximum number of characters
  • Many sites also limit the type of characters to use
  • We might have hard time typing the password with more limited device such as cellphone
  • Will will have difficulty remembering the password as it’s completely random

With the proliferation of smart phones, typing in passwords in mobile devices has become easier, so this is now less of an issue comparing against security.

With an encryption system storing all your passwords, it no longer matters that you do not remember the randomly generated passwords, either, as long as you remember your master password.

So, for most passwords (see next post for exceptions), you can choose fully random password, but you’ll need to account for its maximum length (so not to exceed it), as well as potential character limitations.

Google for random password generator, and you’ll find ones that works for your particular situation. You do not have to worry about the tool knowing your password… it doesn’t know where it is being used, so you are safe.

Of course – make sure it’s written down in your encryption system with the site info, so you’ll be able to recover it later.

We’ll talk about another way of generating great passwords in the next post.







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