Setup Domain Mapping to WordPress Network

Once Network is enabled, you can have multiple blogs created under the same site.   Domain mapping allows for each blogs to appear as a different site.  The WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin accomplishes the goal:

  1. Install the plugin via the Administration -> Plugin -> Install Plugin page
  2. Find the plugin, and then install
  3. Copy the sunrise.php in the root of the plugin, and move it to wp-content (two directories up)
  4. Copy the domain_mapping.php to wp-content/mu-plugins (you might need to create the mu-plugins directory)
  5. add define(‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’); to wp-config.php
  6. Go to Administration -> Super Admin -> Domain Mapping, and configure the domain mapping setup
  7. For each of the sites created, add the domain that you want to map against – the site is identified via a numeric ID instead of its name

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