Google Analytics with WordPress

  • Use Google Analyticator Plugin – there are others of course, but I choose this one for now as it shows up first in the Administration -> Plugins -> Add New page when searching for “Google”
    • Support article for Google Analyticator
    • Install the plugin via Administration -> Plugins -> Add New
    • “Network Activate”
    • Click on Settings – this takes you to the individual sub-site’s setting’s page, so you can configure them separately
  • Ensure your Google Analytics account is setup, or create one for your website
  • Get the Profile ID
  • On Administration -> Settings -> Google Analytics page, select “Enabled”
  • Authenticate with Google – grant access to your site (this step is optional; you just need the Profile ID)
    • If success – select the site profile you want to track
    • This step can subsequently fail
    • If fail – enter the profile ID manually
  • Save Changes
  • Verify the page source now includes a Javascript section that has your Profile ID inside – additional verification methods here

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